Not much went Valley View’s way Friday, Sept. 11 when the Eagles traveled to Bells. The Panthers quickly took a hefty lead and the Eagles were battling uphill the entire game as they fell 55-8 to drop to 0-2 on the season.

Valley View head coach Curtis King was quick to give Bells credit for the win, but also quick to point out the Eagles had many self-inflicted wounds.

“They beat us and at some point you can’t feel sorry for yourself because you weren’t doing things to win the game,” King said. “They’re good and they’re probably a three or four-round playoff team. Bells did everything well. They scored every time they touched it for the first three quarters. They played good defense, but offensively we didn’t play well. We didn’t execute and it didn’t have to do with Bells, it had to do with us. As the game went on, they wore us down.”

King said it is never fun to play in a blowout loss, but he was evaluating how his team handled the adversity. He said he could tell who wanted to play from the players’ body language.

“You want it to end pretty fast, but you also get to see the character of your team,” King said. “We saw some things we liked with some kids and some things we didn’t like. We’re not as talented as last year’s team and I think we could be, but we have to grow up and play the game the right way. We’ve got to improve in finishing out the game. They have to stop feeling sorry for themselves.”

Valley View’s offense showed up in Week 1 against Ponder with 34 points, but was deficient against Bells with just one touchdown.

The Eagles’ defense struggled for the second straight game and King succinctly said it did not play well and that the tackling was poor.

“The kids didn’t want to be physical and until we figure that part out, we’re not going to be very good on defense,” King said. “It has nothing to do with scheme. It has to do with them doing their job.”

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