Callisburg head baseball coach Josh Hammock is headed home. Hammock is returning to Whitesboro, where he spent eight years as an assistant coach.

Hammock will resume his assistant coaching role under head coach Curt Cole and the main reason for Hammock going back to Whitesboro is family.

“It always means a lot when any employer in any field wants you back,” Hammock said. “That’s always good. That was kind of the case at Whitesboro. I want what’s best for my own kids who are at Whitesboro. I kind of like the idea of them being at the same school their whole life if possible. They didn’t come with me to Callisburg, so the timing is right with my oldest daughter getting into sports.”

Hammock said he can’t wait to get back to Whitesboro.

“It was my first job and there is a lot of familiarity with it,” Hammock said. “It’s nice knowing I’m going back to the middle school campus and I know everybody there. That’s what it takes in a lot of professions. If you know each other and are on the same wavelength and what you want to accomplish, it’s nice.”

In his three years at Callisburg, Hammock said he could tell the community rallied around the team.

“I know our record doesn’t show it, but there was improvement with participation and involvement with the community,” Hammock said. “That was huge this year. There were people that cared when I got there, but there was a lot more involvement. That’s what they need moving forward. They have some young groups of kids coming through that I wish I could have seen, but the timing was right.”

Hammock said his first team at Callisburg will always hold a special place in his heart.

“They will always be special to me because it was my first head coaching experience,” Hammock said. “There were several players I already knew. The thing with Callisburg is there were a lot of left-handers. There were so many. I’m left-handed, so I was able to help some players. It was fun to help Sutten Tidwell with his preparation for college and getting him noticed. A lot of it was his dad, but I tried to help in any way I could.”

At Whitesboro, Hammock said it was great to be a part of history and he’s looking forward to working with Cole again.

“That’s one thing I was able to see in my time there was see changes in sports,” Hammock said. “They broke a 100-year drought in the playoffs in football and I was a part of that which was nice. Coach Cole and me are good friends and we always talked weekly about things. I fit in well with him. I can work with pitchers. We have an assistant that works with offense, but it’s a staff where we know what each other brings to the table.”

Hammock said is looking forward to focusing on pitching.

“There was a lot going on as a head coach and I didn’t mind that, but now my main priority is the pitching staff,” Hammock said. “I have fun with that. That’s what I love doing. I give lessons on the side. When I left in 2016, I knew they were going to be good. They made a run to the state tournament and you can never predict that, but I didn’t want to miss a chance to be a head coach. It will be fun to jump back in there with them.”

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