The Valley View Eagles are taking a bit of a different approach to their summer conditioning under new head football coach Curtis King.

King came over from Argyle, where he first encountered John Lott, the San Diego Chargers’ current strength and conditioning coach.

It was during his interactions with Lott that he began to tweak his approach to weightlifting.

“He and I are really good friends, but I learned more about weightlifting from him than I did in my previous career,” King said. “It’s more about resistance training that makes athletes more flexible, especially the guys who don’t need to be so bulky. It’s about working against your own weight and there has been a reduction in injuries.”

The Eagles are just a few weeks away from fall football practice and two-a-days and King said the goal for the summer workout program has to prepare his team for the deep end that is the beginning of fall workouts.

“When August 5 comes, we want to hit the floor running with as many people in shape,” King said. “We need to get into it as fast as we can to be successful and kids coming in in shape is a big part of that.”

King said a big part of the summer workouts is the communication about what makes effective workouts.

“We talk to kids about understanding your body what your body needs are because if you’re squatting with us today and you’re doing a bunch of reps today with us, don’t go to your own personal trainer, do some more squats and then come back on Wednesday telling us your body hurts,” King said.

King’s message to his team over the summer has been all about getting stronger on the field.

“We’re averaging 44 kids a day, which is a huge,” King said. “I think my last talk to the whole athletic group was in watching video they played last year, I think they got beat because the team wasn’t just better than them. They got beat because the teams are more physical. And so, if you’re going to play with those guys, you have to prove you’re stronger.”

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