Gainesville Independent School District wrapped up its basketball camp Wednesday at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cooke County.

Gainesville boys basketball head coach Jeff Wolf was in charge of the boys’ side of the camp and he said one of his first reactions to the camp was how great it was he was able to interact with kids he was unfamiliar with.

“It was great for them to get a taste of some basketball and for me to get to show them some things,” Wolf said. “It was good to get an opportunity to see some different kids that I haven’t been able to see before. Hopefully, I can start to build relationships with the younger ones and see them get a ball in their hands and let them play a little bit.”

Wolf said he saw plenty of excitement on the kids’ faces.

“They were excited about us coaching them and we’re seeing their older brothers or other siblings or cousins, so for them to come in here, we’re excited about that,” Wolf said. “I’m just trying to build a program because we are trying to turn a program all over from the bottom, from the elementary all the way up to the high school. We want to get it back to what it used to be. And you can’t turn a program around in one year. It has to start from the bottom and keep those kids playing together and playing outside of the basketball season.”

Wolf said he was happy to have it at the Boys & Girls Clubs this year.

“They’re already here and it was convenient from that aspect of it,” Wolf said. “I mean, you had kids probably that might not have come to the high school because the parents are working or whatnot. So for the kids to already be here is great.”

The clinic was a chance for kids from kindergarten to fifth grade to work on their fundamentals, according to Wolf.

“We were worked on a lot of different things,” Wolf said. “We worked on shooting, worked on passing, rebounding, a little bit of defense and just the fundamentals of basketball. Nothing complex or anything. With the short amount of time we have with them, hopefully, they’ll pick up something they can go and work on their own.”

Wolf’s main hope for the camp was for the kids to spark a love for the game of basketball and enjoy practicing it.

“I just want them to enjoy their time and their experience,” Wolf said. “I want it to be an enjoyable experience where they’re talking about it with their parents at home and that they had a good time. That’s my personal number one goal, especially for kids in elementary. We’re just trying to get them to enjoy the game, have fun and have a good experience. Because if you had a good experience, you’ll want to do it again. So that’s the biggest gain.”

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