Gainesville senior Robyn Hardin has been dribbling a basketball and putting up shots since he was four years old. While he also had a love of football, it became clear to him during high school that he wanted to play college basketball.

On Friday, March 26, Hardin cemented his future when he signed his national letter of intent to play basketball at Dallas Christian College.

Signing in front of his family and friends was a big moment, Hardin said.

“A lot of people didn’t think I’d make it as a smaller guard, but I knew in my heart and with my support system that it was possible,” Hardin said. “I’m always out to prove somebody wrong and if somebody doesn’t think I can do something, I take it personally. I know it’s not just me at the end of the day. I’m out here to make my family proud.”

Hardin was looking for a place to play college basketball at the end of Gainesville’s season and now that he was able to secure his collegiate footing, he said it is a weight off his shoulders.

His visit to Dallas Christian stuck out to him because of the environment with both the men’s and women’s teams.

“I didn’t want to be a late one having to stress over it, but now that I have it out of my way I feel like I can start getting my enrollment set and I’m not in a rush to get to college,” Hardin said. “I went on a visit with my mom and the energy I saw the teams bring, you can tell they love the game and it’s a family atmosphere down there. Everybody knows everybody and that’s something I wanted to be a part of.”

Gainesville head coach Jeff Wolf said he always knew Hardin was destined to play collegiate sports and he took it personally to help Hardin find a place to play.

“We’re going to find a good fit for him where he goes to a place that plays a style that fits the team,” Wolf said. “He’s been a starter for three years. He came in during the mornings to put that extra work in. He averaged five points a game to almost 10 to almost 16, you can see the improvement.”

Hardin said he is excited to be staying close to home which gives him the opportunity to come see his family and former teammates compete.

His passion for the sport of basketball is vast and Hardin said he can’t chose just one aspect he loves about it.

As for how he thinks he’ll fit in at Dallas Christian, Hardin said his ability to push the ball up the floor and his leadership will be important.

“I’m a vocal leader and I help people get out of their shell,” Hardin said. “I can keep the game at the pace we want and be a great leader like I’ve been taught. I know there is a lot of improvement to do. I can improve offensively, but I’m trying to improve my speed and defense. I know I play the game pretty fast, but there is always room to get faster.”

Wolf said Hardin is sneaky strong and he has no doubt Hardin will continue to improve.

“The biggest thing for him is he has to get more consistent, but he’s quick on the ball,” Wolf said. “When you play a lot, things become more natural and he’s competitive. If somebody wants to do something bad enough, they need to keep on fighting for it and we’ve had that talk since I’ve been here. He’s a good kid. He takes care of his schoolwork and I would definitely put my name out there for him.”

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