hole in one guy

Dalton, Ga., resident Bob Campbell, 79, demonstrates his golf swing at a Georgia golf resort. Campbell, a retiree, recently snagged his sixth hole-in-one. The odds of hitting a single hole-in-one are approximately one in 12,500.

If one asks Bob Campbell if he’s that good or just lucky – his answer credits good fortune.

Oddsmakers place hitting a hole -in-one at about 12,500 to 1 – a not too often golfing feat. The oddsmakers must not have taken Campbell’s unique ability into account. He just recorded his sixth ace.

“I’ve always told everyone to have the right club in your hand, hit it on line, then the rest of it is luck,” said Campbell, 79, who recorded his sixth hole-in-one a couple of months ago at LaFayette Golf Course. “I have had four pretty good shots. The others were bad and I just got lucky.”

Campbell’s first hole-in-one came in 1983 and it took 16 years to get the second.

In addition to his holes-in-one, he also has an even rarer golfing feat — an albatross, or a two on a par 5.

Could there be a seventh hole in one in his future?

Campbell, who retired from the printing business, doesn’t know, but he’ll be out there trying.

“I love the competition, and you can go and play the game all of your life,” he said. “(Atlanta’s) Chipper Jones is 40 and he is retiring from baseball and will never play the game again after this year,” Campbell said. “At 40, I was just getting started with golf, and it is a game that you can play from the time you can putt as an infant until they take you home.”

The love of the game will keep him coming back.


Details for this story were provided by The Dalton (Ga.) Citizen.

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