GISD basketball camp

On the final day of the Gainesville Independent School District girls basketball clinic, Gainesville high school girls head coach Shaun Weaver said she got just as much out of the camp as she thinks the kids did.

Not only were the girls from kindergarten to fifth grade able to enjoy learning the game of basketball, but Weaver was able to enjoy familiarizing herself with the girls.

“It’s given me an opportunity to get our hands on the younger kids and see what we have coming through the pipe,” Weaver said. “But like I was telling our girls, we are fundamentally behind, so us being allowed to do this is really helping us. And it is a privilege, just so we can start instilling those fundamentals with these younger kids.”

With the camp being held at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Cooke County, Weaver said she could tell the kids had a lot of fun. At times, she said she had to get them to slow down.

“They were always eager to go to the next station and a couple of them liked some stations more than others, but we try to explain to them every station is important,” Weaver said. “We got them rotated and stuff, but they were having a lot of fun.”

Weaver said she can tell the Gainesville area has plenty of girls that are interested in basketball.

“Me and my daughter talked about this just two days ago,” Weaver said. “We're not going to DFW for tournaments and things like that, so to see all these girls interested, it blew my mind because you know, we don't have that traveling select team here in this area.”

Seeing this much enthusiasm has Weaver encouraged for the Gainesville ISD basketball program.

“There's a lot of kids interested and that's something I hope in the future we can get going with more teams here,” Weaver said. “I know at the high school, me and my staff and junior high staff, we do a lot of open gyms and I think these kids probably didn't know because there's some that's interested, they just didn't know we were having so many open gyms. It's pretty awesome to know that there's a lot of girls interested.”

Weaver also said there was plenty of support from other coaches and workers at the Boys & Girls Clubs to help organize the clinic.

“It's awesome, especially with people that have been here with us for a year,” Weaver said. “With last year being our first year, they knew exactly what to do this year. It wasn't a lot of micromanaging. They jump right in, so it was so awesome to have all these coaches with us. It ran smoothly when we have that many coaches but as a coaching staff, that just showing that they care about the programs just as much.”

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