While the varsity just played one timed quarter, the work the Hornets got in during their second scrimmage of the season was still valuable, especially considering Muenster officially opens its football season Friday, Aug. 30, against Arlington Pantego.

Against Whitesboro at Hornet Stadium on the Hornets’ new turf field, Muenster was hit with a curveball as its starting quarterback Lane Trubenbach was injured, forcing backup quarterback Jonathan Wheeler into the game.

Wheeler, also one of the Hornets’ lead running backs, hadn’t had many reps at the position, so head coach Brady Carney said the scrimmage was a good opportunity to get his feet wet.

“He’s hardly had any snaps because we’re putting in a new offense so I’ve been trying to get the ones that are going to play the position to learn it,” Carney said. “We were stuck running like three plays in the scrimmage. And that’s what I told those guys. ‘We weren’t very good on offense and you guys still beat a good Class 3A program 3-0 in the quarter. Think of the potential that you have as a team and how good you can be once we stay healthy and get everything ironed out.’”

As optimistic as Carney was about the circumstances, he said the team didn’t play that well overall.

“When we watch film, we’ll see a ton of missed tackles,” Carney said. “That’s one thing we’ve always prided ourselves on is making tackles and I told those guys at the end of it, we’re going to look at film and I bet we bet we missed 10 tackles. And for the last couple of years, we really haven’t missed tackles. It took us four or five games to get 10 missed tackles. We’ve got a lot of growing up to do up front on defense and our tackles on offense have to do a better job.”

The Hornets were cleaner in other areas of the game and Carney said that if they can replicate that success that they will be fine for the regular season.

“I thought we kept turnovers down and there weren’t too many penalties to put us in negative situations,” Carney said. “There were a lot of positives.”

When the Hornets did commit a penalty, Carney was quick to remind them about the potential implications if it were a real game.

“I believe as far as being a coach, you just don’t want to call them stupid or whatever and yell at them,” Carney said. “We don’t need that penalty. We’ll put it in a game-like situation where you’re up 3-0 headed to halftime and now you give them the opportunity to go in either 3-3 or even score just because of that play, so they just gotta understand that kind of stuff.”

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