Hornet Stadium

Muenster athletic director and head football coach Brady Carney has had a front-row seat for the installation of the turf field at Hornet Stadium and now that the field portion of the process has come to an end, the Hornets can finally use the facility.

In February, members of the Muenster Independent School District approved an $863,000 contract to make improvements to the stadium’s football field by Mount Pleasant-based Symmetry Turf Sports Field Construction.

The summer had its share of storms and at times Carney said he thought they might impact the installation.

“I was a little skeptic with all the rain, but man, they did a wonderful job,” Carney said. “And I have a buddy whose project started in January. They still aren’t finished, so I’ve seen situations where it doesn’t go right. So that’s made me extra thankful that it was done well. I would recommend those guys for anything.”

Carney said the chemical injection of the ground took up much of the construction time.

“The biggest thing was the chemical injection, which they do to help with movement of the ground,” Carney said. “So they chemically inject to stabilize the ground and that was the longest process. It took about a month to do all that. After the tests came back, we found out the chemical injection went great so we could move forward.”

Carney said the whole community has pride in how good the field looks.

“Especially after last year with all the rain, there were games where you played and practiced every day — it was just in mud,” Carney said. “From the time we started in August until the first of December, we hardly practiced on a dry field. To me, the quality of work you get into practice suffered. If you’re always in swamp out there, you don’t get as good of a workout.”

With the Hornets in the midst of their summer conditioning program, Carney said he is glad they are able to prepare for the football season.

One aspect of the old field Carney will not miss is mowing it.

“I’ve been doing that for nine years,” Carney said. “I’m out every other day from May until the end of September, so it means more family time for coach Carney.”

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