The Muenster Hornets aren’t putting up 50 points a game on offense like they have been in years past, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t primed for another playoff run.

The Hornets swept their district and earned the first seed in their bracket. They will travel to Bells on Thursday, Nov. 14, to face fourth-seeded Clarksville at 6 p.m.

Muenster head coach Brady Carney said he feels confident in this team’s identity because that identity has never wavered over the years.

“I’ve said all year that defense is what we preach, not just this year, but every year,” Carney said. “We’re going to play as long as our defense allows us to play. We’re not going to outscore everybody and we’re not going to put up 50 points. If we are going to play in December, we have to rely on our defense and it’s been like that all year. Nothing has changed.”

The Hornets will face a Clarksville team that is 5-5 on the season and Carney said the Hornets are prepared to take care of the ball, run their ground attack and limit big plays on defense.

“I feel like we can play with a lot of people as long as we don’t hurt ourselves and I mean the turnovers,” Carney said. “We’ve done a better job of controlling that. Watching film, I believe we’re the more physical football team and that’s important to what we do. I think we have the advantage up front.”

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