The Muenster Hornets thought they would have a bye to end their regular season, but Friday, Nov. 9’s opponent in Windthorst had Petrolia drop out on them so both teams decided to play each other as a playoff warm-up.

Both teams are district champions with Windthorst at 6-3 on the season, so Muenster head coach Brady Carney is happy about getting a test before the playoffs begin.

“It worked out wonderfully,” Carney said. “I couldn’t be happier. I was telling the team that they’re district champions and we are district champions and usually district champions don’t meet up until the third round, so this needs to have the intensity of a third-round game. We can do all the practicing we want, but it doesn’t substitute for game speed.”

Both teams are in Class 2A Division II, but because they are in different regions, they wouldn’t meet up until the state championship.

The Trojans are a pass-heavy team and Carney said he is excited to face them because the Hornets need to be tested in their secondary and pass coverage.

Muenster downed Era 49-6 last week to earn its fourth straight district championship and it forced Era to go 0-of-9 passing, so there has been some progress lately.

Carney expects the Trojans to pass 30-40 times out of a one-running-back, shotgun look.

Defensively, Carney anticipates several different defensive formations from the Trojans.

“We try to take whatever they give us and mold our offense to take advantage of what they’re doing,” Carney said. “We’re still going to run the football first, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to run it out of the same formation. We’re always going to try to establish the run. We have to make sure all our major guys get their touches and we spread the football around.”

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