Last season’s kraut bowl was more compelling than 2017’s blowout of 65-0. Lindsay nearly had a 14-0 lead but a costly fumble kept the score manageable for Muenster to find its legs on the way to a 49-10 road win.

This year’s tilt will be the first official home game for the Hornets on their new turf field at Hornet Stadium.

Muenster is coming off a 26-7 win over Arlington Pantego Christian and head coach Brady Carney said after their slow start, the Hornets finally got rolling.

“It started like most opening games,” Carney said. “The first quarter is a little bit slow and it got better as the game went on. We were doing all new offensive stuff. These kids have never played from under center and never huddled really and that’s one of the things we’re doing so I knew it would start out a little slow.”

With both teams beginning the season at 1-0, Carney said this game has the potential for some fireworks on both sides of the ball.

“This is my 10th year I get to see not just our kids but other kids around the area, so I know what’s coming,” Carney said. “Lindsay’s going through a run where their seniors are pretty good, but their juniors, sophomores and freshmen, they’ve got three back-to-back-to-back really good classes. And you can see the depth is showing up on film. You can see the athleticism and speed showing up on film.”

Carney lauded Lindsay head coach and former Muenster defensive coordinator Jeff Smiley for his impact on the program as he enters his second year with the Knights.

“With them being under Smiley a year, the effort they are playing this game with is much better now that they’re understanding what he wants. You can see that on film. That’s just not coach talk. That’s me being honest.”

While Carney said it is a big rivalry game, it is still just the second game of the Hornets’ non-district season and doesn’t have an impact on playoff positioning.

He knows a win or a loss in the game won’t make or break Muenster’s season.

“So much goes into this game from the community and for us as a football team, I’m not going to judge my football team on one game,” Carney said. “I’m going to judge my football team on whether or not we play December. That’s our ultimate goal is to play in December. I’m not going to judge our season or whether or not we beat or lost to Lindsay.”

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