Collinsville’s Carrie Johnson was selected to participate in the Texas Girls Coaches Association All-Star basketball game at Arlington Martin High School and she fit like a glove with her side of the all-star team.

Johnson was on the red team that won 70-59 over the blue team and she put up 10 points and four assists. She said the feeling-out process with her new teammates had her nervous at first, but she quickly settled in.

“When they announced my name as starting, obviously, I was really excited, because we had a two-hour practice before that,” Johnson said. “So I was hoping that I had shown that I was worthy enough to start or play that much, which I like to think that I did because I started the game off. As soon as we started, the first group played six minutes went up like 18-5. We just came in on a roll. So I felt like I had a small part of that, which was really cool.”

As soon as Johnson stepped onto the court, she said her teammates were there to motivate her.

“First it was kind of nerve-wracking,” Johnson said. “I think the last time we had a crowd that big was the third round of the playoffs with Era. When I first got out there, the first layup I saw I missed, and then after that my teammates were like, ‘you’re OK, you’re OK. You’ll get into it.’ And I was like, you know, you’re right. Let’s just have fun.”

Her father and coach Daniel Johnson said it was great to see his daughter and school in the spotlight.

“I’m proud of her as a dad and as a coach to represent our school like that,” Johnson said. “She had a couple of college coaches come up to her and say that she’s an Energizer bunny. She was flying everywhere, so for her to let Collinsville be known out there is a good platform. Because we just started winning the past two years, so this is new.”

After making it to the regional quarterfinal game, Johnson said this all-star game experience for Carrie would carry over to next season.

“She showed she’s one of the top players in the state,” Johnson said. “That’s great. I think the excitement of playing in a game is just another learning process of how to control your energy because she’s one of the girls that gets so jacked up. She just starts off full speed and I think this experience is going to carry over to where big games are normal because that’s how you win the big games. It’s got to be normal.”

Carrie Johnson said the entire experience was a thrill from start to finish.

“That was a good experience, because I actually have all of them on social media now so I like to think we all became friends,” Johnson said. “And then we did a lot of shooting drills, just so [the all-star coach] could kind of see the kind of players that we were in our practice. We saw some new offenses that maybe my coach can implement into our team. So that was interesting to see another coach’s perspective.”

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