In their second meet of the season, the Gainesville Leopards powerlifting team had another productive outing as they claimed third place behind first-place Everman and second-place Kennedale.

William Goines took first overall in his weight class while Niko Fraire and Yovanni Juarez each secured second-place finishes. Devin Miller took third place. Lee Hubbard earned a fourth-place finish while Jesse Coffey finished fifth.

The Leopards lifted 16 boys overall and much like the girls team, several lifters claimed personal bests in the bench press, deadlift and squat.

Because the Leopards hosted the meet themselves, they were able to have more athletes compete, which head coach Cody Patterson said was crucial to the team’s development this season.

“Yeah normally you lift 11 boys on a team and that’s because there’s 11 boys’ weight classes. That’s why we put on a home meet so we can lift as many kids as we want to lift and not only can they do that, but we also lifted at home because it’s easier for parents and siblings to get out here and see those kids lift. Also they’re able to be at a meet where all the guys can lift together.”

Despite it being early in the season, Patterson said the team showed plenty of progress from its first meet of the season — a sixth-place finish at the S&S Consolidated meet on Jan. 19.

“When you have kids that are willing to put in the work, you might not have big PRs (personal record), but we may be talking a 5-10 pounds increase,” Patterson said. “We just increased our squat or our bench or deadlift by 40-50 pounds from the beginning in a month’s time.”

Patterson said the team is a little younger this season, so there is more teaching going on.

“You have to teach a lot more just because we have some younger guys now,” Patterson said. “We also have older guys help the younger guys mentally prepare for those lifts because it’s really just like anything else. There’s a mental aspect to it. When you lift 400-700 pounds whether you’re squatting or you know when you rack three or 400 pounds when you bench press, or you know when you’re trying to pull 400-600 pounds on deadlift, that’s hard.”

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