The Lindsay Lady Knights trailed multiple times throughout their game with Collinsville, including a four-run deficit headed to the bottom of the eighth inning. Lindsay scored five runs to claim an 11-10 victory.

Lindsay softball head coach Preslee Gallaway had three words to describe her team after the Lady Knights erased multiple deficits en route to a dramatic 11-10 victory over Collinsville – resiliency, intensity and energy.

The Lady Knights had those in spades Friday, March 19. Lindsay trailed 6-4 in the seventh inning and 10-6 in the eighth inning before scoring five runs in the bottom of the eighth to claim their third district win of the season.

“These girls didn’t have a good practice the day before, so I just told them that they needed to have grit and I saw that,” Gallaway said. “I loved it. I told them I was super proud of them but I also told them that we should have never been in that scenario.”

Lindsay trailed 4-0 headed to the fifth inning, but delivered four runs to tie the game at 4-4.

Kaylee Cheaney then launched a two-run home run in the seventh to tie the game at 6-6 and Gallaway said that was a moment she was pleading with her team to see.

“It shows them that they are good enough to play on any field they go to,” Gallaway said. “For her, she had a bad practice and was very emotional about it and I didn’t talk to her about because I knew she was ready to play. I was super proud of her and I see a big future for her as well.”

Collinsville landed a grand slam in the top of the eighth inning and as her team was gearing up to head to the plate in the bottom of the eighth, Gallaway reminded her team that the game wasn’t over.

“I had already used my two timeouts and I just told them they had already come back two times and we can hit just like Collinsville can,” Gallaway said. “We put up 20 runs in one inning, why can’t we do that right now. They know they’re good hitters, but as a coach, you have to tell them that you believe in them. We have been working so hard on hitting and I’m so glad to see that they’re good when they concentrate.”

Despite the large hole it was in, Lindsay methodically kept its foot on the gas pedal by pushing aggressive baserunners around the diamond and across home plate.

Finally, a two-run single to right field from Ella Dieter gave the Lady Knights the win.

“Whenever you have runners on base that are fast, I’m going to take that extra base when you can,” Gallaway said. “I’m going to utilize everybody that I can. I’m proud of them and I can’t be happier. Ella is funny. Before she went up to bat, I told her that this is fun and to not take it so serious sometimes. She said ‘fun, what is fun?’ She can be anxious and she wants to get the job done so I was super proud of her.”

Gallaway said she can be hard on the team at times, but to see the Lady Knights come together when a win looked bleak was a galvanizing experience.

“I don’t view them as I’m their coach,” Gallaway said. “I view them as they’re my teammates. I’m coaching for them and I’m trying to show them how this game can help you in life, not just here and now.”

The win pushed Lindsay to 3-0 in district. The Lady Knights dismantled TLC Arlington 21-6 and downed Tioga 8-4 before their win over Collinsville.

Gallaway said the team struggled to start the season, but she was licking her chops to help the team improve and the Lady Knights have done so lately.

“Whenever you start a new team you don’t really want to do good in the beginning because then what do you work on,” Gallaway said. “We’ve got plenty of things we can fix and we’ll have to face them again. We’ll have to do better with errors and concentrating where the runners are and not watching strikes go by.”

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