Although it wasn’t their toughest game of the season, the Muenster Hornets had a bounce-back performance Friday, Sept. 18, against Electra.

The Hornets answered the bell in all three phases of the game for a 63-0 victory, but more importantly, they responded with a better effort compared to their previous loss to Blue Ridge that had the Muenster coaching staff take a harder approach last week.

Muenster head coach Brady Carney said it was a huge confidence booster for his team.

“I did see some things on film that we were better at and I saw us playing harder throughout the game, which was our main emphasis and focus from last week,” Carney said. “We didn’t have any turnovers. We had some big explosive runs and big plays, so all the things we talked about starting after the Blue Ridge loss, I think we accomplished Friday. We just have to keep carrying it over from week to week.”

Carney admitted it can be difficult to evaluate a 63-0 win, but upon reviewing film, he said he saw some improvements from Blue Ridge.

“We weren’t great, but I did see some improvements,” Carney said. “We didn’t get to see how our pass coverage was because they didn’t throw the ball one time, but it all had to do with how we were playing our seven guys in the box. I thought at times our defensive line looked good. Our junior linebacker Ty Sanders did some good things and we looked better.”

One unique bright spot for the Hornets was their kicking game.

Junior basketball player Martie McCoy got her first taste of high school football and was 7-of-8 on extra points.

Carney said McCoy, who had a select soccer background, has wanted to play football since seventh grade and she finally got a chance against Electra.

“She’s always wanted to kick and I talked her out of it because she’s such a talented basketball player,” Carney said. “I’m still worried about her getting hurt. I told her that from the very beginning because her college future is being paid for. To go out there and risk that is something that concerns me. Martie is going to do whatever you tell her to do and we made sure she was protected.”

Carney advised McCoy to avoid trying to take unnecessary risks like trying to recover a fumble or make a tackle. They made some adjustments to her approach in practice and it paid off against Electra.

The timing is good for the Hornets because they were in dire need of a consistent kicking threat. McCoy did more than just fill a pair of shoes. She was a reliable option at the position.

“She did awesome and the one PAT (point after touchdown), I rushed her because I wanted to put her in a bind to test her,” Carney said. “There might be times where she’s got to quickly get out there. Her kickoffs were awesome. We try to place it between the 25-yard line and the 20 on a high pooch kick and she did an awesome job all night. Her first two kicks she pinned them inside the 20 and we haven’t been able to do that all year.

“We don’t have a kicker. Our best kicker is on JV, and we were struggling. The boys understand she fills that role. She does everything that they do because she wants to be a part of the team.”

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