New Valley View head football coach Curtis King is still in the process of learning the football program, but he got a big dose of familiarity during the summer 7-on-7 football tournament the Eagles hosted.

King said the tournament was a great opportunity for the team to gain some invaluable experience.

“I thought it went well and I thought the boys improved every week, which is what you want to see,” King said. “To me, it’s good to go out there and run and just kind of learn what the receivers do. I thought the quarterbacks improved a lot over the five or six games and the receivers worked on routes and did some good things.”

One area King had his eye on was the quarterback position.

“Zack Isabel will be a junior and he is fighting for the number one quarterback job really well,” King said. “Those were good reps for him to get back in full speed. Logan Lewis is a freshman and he made some freshman mistakes. He’s a big kid and he can move for a big kid. He’s got good footwork. He doesn’t have a lot of arm strength yet, but that’s going to come with time. But in 7-on-7, he had to play against juniors and seniors going full speed. He made mistakes, but also made some really good throws.”

King has tried to familiarize himself with as many players as possible as well as study Valley View’s game tape from the past handful of seasons.

He said the tournament was extremely important for his transition into head coach.

“I’ve watched every game on video they have played for the past three years, probably three times, but seeing them personally play was huge,” King said. “Some kids on JV last year got a chance to play this year on varsity and I kind of got to evaluate them as well.”

The wide receiver position will be one King has his attention on the closer the season gets.

“We need to improve, but I think it’ll be fun,” King said. “Some kids who didn’t play a lot last year and played JV got chance to go play. I thought they did pretty well.”

Since King got to Valley View this summer, the message to the athletes has been about doing things with pace.

“Everything we’re telling our kids is to play fast,” King said. “If you make a mistake, make it going 120 miles an hour because a lot of times you can overcome mistakes just because you’re playing fast. So we’re gonna we’re gonna play fast on both sides of the ball and we’re gonna make mistakes and hopefully being good athletes, we can overcome those mistakes.”

At the running back position, Luis Morales caught King’s gaze.

“7-on-7 is good for running backs but probably the one downfall that I heard Luis had was that he didn’t catch the ball well,” King said. “I saw him coming out of the backfield and he caught the ball very well. You have five receivers in the game and running back is the fifth receiver, so we’ll use them as a receiver a bunch, but also we’re still gonna be a power running team too.”

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