In the Collinsville Pirates’ 60-0 loss to Lindsay on Friday, Oct. 4, the Pirates shot themselves in the feet all night long.

From high snaps to interceptions to penalties, the Pirates continued to hurt themselves and Collinsville head coach Garrett Patterson said it was their lack of attention to the details that derailed them.

“If you don’t do details right, you’re not going to be successful,” Patterson said. “It’s one of the very, very, very fundamental things and we worked very hard this week to keep our snaps where we can handle them. We lost momentum on the third play of the game and it kind of compounded from there. It got out of control and we never gave ourselves a chance.”

Patterson said the team quickly put the poor performance in the rearview mirror.

“Sometimes those things happen,” Patterson said. “We need to control the controllables and move on because the only thing that matters now is district. We talked about it right after the game. Nothing matters except now. That’s what we have to understand. It’s about district play and getting better from week to week. We just can’t sit back.”

The defending district champion Pirates will begin district play Friday, Oct. 11, against Valley View at John Kassen Field.

Patterson said the Eagles will be a stiff test.

“They’re a good football team,” Patterson said. “There’s no doubt about that. They’ve got some good athletes and some good linemen. For us, it’s about being able to put ourselves in position to win a ball game. I’m not worried about who we play. I’m more worried about what we’re doing.”

The Eagles boast a stout running game, led by Clint Epperson. Patterson said Epperson is a threat they have to limit.

“They’ve got some really good linemen and [Luis Morales] is a good complement to Epperson,” Patterson said. “It all starts up front and defensively we have to make sure we contain and maintain our gaps. When we get there, we have to make sure we wrap up. It’s very, very important this week that we do that.”

Patterson said the team is working on every area this week at practice.

“We’ve got to take care of the business on our end also,” Patterson said. “It’s a three-phase program and against Lindsay, we struggled. We still have to have a good special teams. You can’t rely on one phase of the game. You see your weakness, like the snaps the other night, and you schedule time to work on it in practice. You work and work and work on it. It’s a very detailed sport and if you don’t respect those details, it will bite you.”

The Eagles’ defense has been building confidence lately and Patterson said Valley View head coach Curtis King has done a good job coaching.

“Valley View’s defense has been playing well too,” Patterson said. “They’re very, very fundamental and they’re doing a lot of good things. There’s a lot of knowledge there.”

Starting district off with a win and avoiding a three-game losing streak is important to Collinsville.

“It’s confidence and that’s what it boils down to,” Patterson said. “It’s about becoming more confident in what you’re doing. This is the time and what we’ve talked about. It’s part of what we’re trying to get done and I think they understand it. If we go out and execute, I think we give ourselves a chance.”

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