The Sacred Heart Tigers played Valley View to close out their scrimmage schedule and head coach Dale Schilling said there isn’t too much to be upset about so far.

“I don’t want to jinx us, but we have taken care of the football pretty good through the two scrimmages,” Schilling said. “We haven’t had many penalties and those are two big areas. We’re playing pretty clean football. Overall since August 1, I’m pretty happy. I’m pretty pleased.”

The Tigers will match up again with Collinsville after the Pirates shut out Sacred Heart 42-0 last season.

This time, Collinsville will host at W. L. Stephenson Sports Complex and Schilling said if the Tigers are going to have a better outcome, they will need to have more sure-fire tackling.

“We need to work on tackling number one,” Schilling said. “It was the same deal in their first scrimmage. Our offensive execution was pretty good. We need to stay on blocks a little bit longer. Things of that nature. But defensively, we got lined up good.”

The Pirates have a made a few changes after last season’s district championship campaign and Schilling said the Tigers are going to need to be ready for a new look.

“Collinsville has a new coach and they’ve got a new scheme on both sides of the ball from last year,” Schilling said. “So as far as it goes, they’ve got a lot of good skill kids. Their linemen come off of the ball. They’ve got a dangerous quarterback. All the ingredients that you want. The key to our success is going to be very simple. It’s to execute on offense and we have to tackle.”

With the Pirates transitioning from the Wing-T to a spread look, Schilling said his defense will have to be on its toes both physically and mentally.

“We have to know that if we change any of our coverages and we have to know to be on the same page,” Schilling said. “You’ve gotta communicate. It’s a big, big thing communication is on defense. Knowing how and where they’re lined up, whether they’re in a trips formation or a two-back formation, we have to be able to communicate and make sure all of the defense is on the same page. And that’s something we’ve been working on all week.”

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