The Sacred Heart Tigers didn’t win in Week 1 of the Valley View 7-on-7 tournament and are currently in third place with a record of 2-3-1.

The Tigers bounced back with a win in Week 2 and in Week 3 on Thursday, June 6, Sacred Heart dropped a loss to Gainesville, but also picked up a win over Valley View to go 1-1.

As much as Sacred Heart head coach Dale Schilling had opinions on what the Tigers did and didn’t do well, he was mainly happy with the experience his team was gaining.

Sacred Heart downed Valley View 26-10 in the first game and Schilling said the win was a confidence booster.

“I saw a lot of hustle and the receivers went out and they caught balls,” Schilling said. “Hunter Hennigan made outstanding catches on a couple of touchdowns. They played with so much confidence. And I think we’re playing with as much confidence now as we played with all of last football season.”

Schilling has maintained throughout this summer tournament that his team should no longer be considered young.

As a result, he is upping his expectations for the rest of 7-on-7 and next season.

“Everybody’s lifting weights and working out under summer conditioning,” Schilling said. “So we had a good workout this morning. Everybody’s soaking wet with sweat.”

Against Gainesville, Sacred Heart fell behind early. The Tigers made a comeback, but couldn’t pull out the win as they fell to the Leopards for the second time this tournament 28-15.

Still, Schilling was happy with how his team competed.

“I thought it was good just for the fact that the kids rose up to good competition and we won’t see that speed all year,” Schilling said of the Leopards. “It doesn’t matter who we play. We can go to state championship. We’re not going to see that kind of speed. So it was good for us to be active.”

Schilling said the Leopards showed the Tigers some areas to work on.

“They did a good job jamming us at the line of scrimmage,” Schilling said. “I don’t know how much of that you’re really supposed to do in 7-on-7, but they did a good job on us. They’re just physically better and physically stronger than us right now. And they did a good job holding us up at the line. It’s going to show that type of thing that we may not see until late in the season.”

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