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The Valley View Eagles won’t be defined by one loss. After falling to McKinney Christian 49-24 at John Kassen Stadium on Friday, Aug. 30, the Eagles are back grinding and preparing for their next opponent.

Valley View will travel to Trinity Christian on Friday, Sept. 6 and head coach Curtis King said the Eagles’ opened the season with a mixed bag.

Offensively, he thought the Eagles played well, but defensively, they had room for improvement.

“The first half we did OK defensively,” King said. “It was hard to match their team speed because they were very fast. In the second half, we had somebody in place to make the play but we couldn’t make the play. Their touchdowns were set up by field position by bad snaps. We punted from the end zone twice and that hurt us.”

The Eagles were down 21-14 headed to halftime and McKinney Christian scored on the first play in the third quarter.

King said that kind of deflated his team.

“They had to step up and they just didn’t step up,” King said. “I thought, especially in the in the third quarter, that I thought we had a good game plan for the second half. They scored the first play the third quarter and it kind of killed us.”

Valley View was dominant in the run game as the Eagles racked up 320 yards rushing on 45 touches with senior Clint Epperson totaling 201 yards on 21 attempts. Senior Luis Morales had 133 yards on 13 rushes.

Junior quarterback Zach Isbell was 5-for-15 for 13 yards with one interception and King said the Eagles would work on their aerial attack as they prepare for Trinity Christian.

“We’re just working on any problems that we had,” King said. “I think we addressed them all. We had over 50 yards worth of losses due to bad snaps last week. So that’s 50 yards, you just lost. We can’t afford that. You’re not gonna win many games if you’re doing that.”

King said he knows Trinity will be another good challenge for his young team.

“They’re really good,” King said. “They’re different than what they were last year because they’re not on the ball very much and they’re running more. It’s a different look from this year. But they look athletic and have some big kids up front.”

The Eagles need to make the opposing quarterback more uncomfortable this week, according to King.

The coaching staff has put more emphasis this week in that area.

“Last week, we put no pressure on the quarterback whatsoever,” King said. “ I think we touched the [McKinney Christian] quarterback maybe three times the entire game. We have to get pressure when they do decide to pass and then we’ve gotta fill up gaps and fill spaces.”

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