Valley View

As the first scrimmage of the season arrives for teams across the state, rarely do coaches ever fully prepare their squads for their opponents because at this point in the season, they are more worried about their own progress.

The Valley View Eagles used a combination of the two outlooks for their week of preparation for Friday’s opponent Howe.

The offense mirrored Howe’s option-look running game while the Eagles’ defense saw a different formation to defend compared to what the offense normally runs in practice.

“So it’s just getting them thinking outside of our look because that’s been kind of our focus for the first week and a half,” Valley View head coach Curtis King said. “I think we understand us and what we’re trying to do, so it was time to look at another type of offense and how to play games against different teams.”

King said the team is learning the new defense and offense well through the first two weeks of practice.

“They’re both new and the thing is a bunch of kids are playing both ways,” King said. “We’re working on the offense because the defense we’re playing is easier to pick up. Offensively, we put a lot of things in including our blocking schemes and stuff on defense.”

There are still a few positions up for grabs that King said the scrimmage should shed some light on.

“Were probably 80% filled out,” King said. “We probably have four of our five offensive linemen. The quarterback is starting to separate himself a little bit. I’m trying to iron out everything. There’s probably least one position open in all the groups. There is one receiver we need to figure out. At running back, we’re gonna be really solid. We got three or four kids.”

King said he isn’t putting too much stress on the first scrimmage.

“I’m looking at it as partly a game and partly a practice,” King said. “I want to see how our kids handle that situation. I want to watch the film at night and just see that we learned some stuff that we’ve been talking about for the past two weeks. Scrimmage is all preparation and instruction.”

The fourth quarter was a weak area for Valley View last year in King’s opinion, so he hopes the Eagles can build up their resiliency and conditioning.

“We’ve really been working out with them in the weight room,” King said. “They didn’t always compete. So everything we’re doing, we’re talking about the practice when we run, I want them to compete and win their line. It’s your goal to win every single time you run races and I want that to carry over into the season.”

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