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After opening their scrimmage schedule against Howe, the Valley View Eagles had their final scrimmage against Sacred Heart.

Valley View head coach Curtis King said he was proud of the effort, but there were still areas to clean up before the Eagles open the season at home against McKinney Christian.

“They played extremely hard,” King said. “The offense didn’t play as smooth as I wanted us to play, but we did some good things. We had some problems that we’re going to fix which we worked on this week. The defense played pretty well overall. We pretty much held them in check. They had three big plays that we gave up, but we held them pretty much in check so I feel good about that.”

King said there were a couple reasons the defense gave up a few plays.

“We want our guys to be really aggressive and you can almost be too aggressive sometimes and they just called the right play at the right time,” King said. “Their quarterback did a great job a long run. You never want give up touchdowns and they’re just long runs. I would like them to have to drive down the field. Other than that we played really well.”

The Tigers were good preparation for the season, according to King. He said they had a lot of speed and their run game was tough to defend.

Offensively, King said the offense had several good drives, but penalties bogged the Eagles down.

He isn’t taking the penalties too seriously though as he said there can often be an influx of flags during scrimmages due to new officials gaining experience.

One in particular stuck out to him.

“We had some good drives and some good plays,” King said. “We had a lot of stupid penalties. He had a lineman who was hustling his butt off on a touchdown run and 60 yards downfield he had a block in the back. We appreciate the hustle, but this wasn’t smart. Make that block and we had three or four of those. We’ve just got to get better at that and not hurt ourselves.”

Recently named starting quarterback Zach Isbell had a productive dress rehearsal for the Eagles’ opening game at home Friday, Aug. 30, against McKinney Christian.

“We wanted to manage the process with him and he’s very smart and has a good football IQ,” King said. “I thought he played really well. We reminded him that hey, this is a scrimmage. This is our last chance to kind of workout the kinks and you saw that. Then we worked on it Monday and worked on things that we didn’t do well. But overall, I was pleased.”

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