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The Valley View Eagles football team progressed from just helmets to pads to being able to hit with pads throughout the week and while the athletes are learning technique, they’re also in the middle of mastering their playbook.

“We put lots of stuff in on Tuesday and they handled all that well,” Valley View head coach Curtis King said. “Wednesday, we put some new stuff in and Thursday, we didn’t put anything in because we’re just going back reviewing what we did the past three days. And they did very well with that. We’ll keep adding more next week. A lot of our offensive plays are built off each other, so we have to run this play really well because this next play is kind of built off that look.”

King said he thought his team brought some serious energy to the first week of practice.

“They were just going hard from start to finish and we’ve got several kids that are playing nonstop,” King said. “They’re playing both ways. They’re not tapping out. They want to play and that’s good. When you play fast, you’re going to make mistakes. We can fix the mistakes we make in practice. We go watch film and if you play hard, you’ll overcome those mistakes by accident. If you don’t play hard, and you make mistake, it just makes it much bigger.”

King said he has noticed a good response to his style of coaching and workouts as he takes over for athletic director Alan Kassen.

“It’s a little different probably because our practices are pretty up tempo and we’re moving the whole time,” King said. “I think Monday everything was new, even with the coaches. Everyone was at a slower pace Monday, just because we’re trying to get things done. Tuesday was by far the best practice of the week. We went fast paced. It was just tons of improvement from Monday.”

As a coach of the quarterbacks, King said he likes how the competition is coming along. As they have added pads and begun to get physical, King said he is learning more and more about them.

“They have to progress and make reads,” King said. “It’s easy to have accurate throws against air. You can cheat and there’s nobody with their hand sticking in their face and they’re having to throw around that.”

The Eagles will really begin to ramp up the physicality this weekend before they have their first scrimmage next Friday.

“I can evaluate how they catch the ball and if they make good cuts and run the right routes, but when they get together, they’re gonna tackle each other and make things harder,” King said. “Saturday, we’ll actually do a little inter-squad scrimmage of 15 plays and that will be the first chance I get see them really go after each other and tackle each other. Next week, we’re not gonna run a bunch of stuff on to just keep it simple for the first scrimmage. We’ll see if we can do what we’ve done so far in practice.”

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