The Whitesboro Bearcats wrapped up their scrimmage schedule Thursday, Aug. 23, against Muenster at Hornet Stadium and much like regular season games, there were highs and lows.

Head coach Cody Fagan said his team will be ready for the first football game of the season against Anna.

“It was second scrimmage typical stuff,” Fagan said. “We had a lot of bright spots and did a lot of good things. We made a few mistakes in the secondary with communication issues and we gave up a couple deep passes. We pride ourselves on stopping the run and not giving up the deep ball and we didn’t necessarily do the second part there. That doesn’t always equate to wins. As the secondary coach, I’ve got to make sure they do better.”

Fagan said giving up deep passes is just a part of the process that includes breaking down every facet of the game to improve upon.

“We talked about that every day that all we focus on little details, from the little details in the locker room to being where you’re supposed to be at the right time,” Fagan said. “We’re not perfect in any area. I think we got to get those kids to learn how to finish. We would play great on first and second and third down, they take a shot and you have one guy out of position and it’s going to cost you. So hopefully we learned those lessons right now when it doesn’t really count.”

From their first scrimmage of the season to their second, Fagan said he has seen a wealth of growth.

“I saw the enthusiasm pick up a great deal,” Fagan said. “We went over to Commerce and there’s a lot of unsure kids that were probably worried about screwing up and not doing an assignment. I told them, you’re going to mess up. You’re 14 to 18 years old. You’re going to make mistakes, but make them going 100 miles an hour and having fun. And I think they were a lot looser tonight. They had a lot of fun.”

The Hornets ran the ball much of the night and Fagan said it was good for the defense to play a run-first offense.

“We had to adjust to a more pound-the-rock style offensive type stuff,” Fagan said. “It was a good adjustment that’s going to prepare us for some of those teams that we’re going to see later with those running-style offenses. It was great to see us going from a spread look to more of a run-the-rock.”

Fagan said the Bearcats have nearly completed their offensive installation of their playbook and he said the team can’t wait to officially start the season.

“We’ve got everything we want in for the first few weeks and offensively we’ve probably got a couple more formations that we need to put in,” Fagan said. “We’re about 95% there on the offensive side and about 100% there as far as installation goes on defense. It’s like, hey, let’s keep working on what we know and not bite off more than we can chew.”

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