Cody Fagan

New Whitesboro athletic director and head football coach Cody Fagan had a unique welcome to his new digs.

Fagan recently moved to Whitesboro, but it wasn’t without a little help. Athletes he had only known for a few months showed up at his house to help him unload.

Fagan said seeing the generous nature of the athletes reinforced his recognition of what makes Whitesboro special.

“It made a two or three-hour job turn into about a 45-minute job, but that’s really just an example of this community in general,” Fagan said. “All we’ve encountered is people that are very selfless. Anytime you move two and a half hours across the state, it’s gonna be a tough transition, but everyone here has been so helpful for us and they’ve done nothing but welcome us with open arms.”

He comes over from Mildred, where he spent two seasons and amassed a 9-10 record in his first head-coaching gig. Previous to that, Fagan spent three years in Oklahoma.

Entering his 13th season as a coach, Fagan said he felt his experience as a multi-sport coach has made him the coach he is today and helped him with his role as athletic director.

“Having been a wrestling coach and other sports besides football, that has really helped me as an athletic director understanding what other coaches are going through in other sports,” Fagan said. “I’m not a football coach that only worries about football. I take pride in both roles. The athletic director job is very much something that motivates me on a daily basis to give these coaches the resources they need to make their programs be very successful also.”

Fagan said it is his goal to build the entire program into a perennial contender for the UIL Lone Star Cup, which is awarded to six schools from Class 1A to 6A based on their team performance in district and state championships.

The Lone Star Cup encompasses not only sports, but academics, one-act plays, marching band and robotics.

Fagan takes over for Eddie Gill, who was at Whitesboro for 13 seasons, and Fagan said he recognizes he has tough shoes to fill.

“He brought this athletic program to where it is today and he did a great job,” Fagan said. “I’ve been here for almost three months now and gotten to see some of the things he did here. I got to meet him a couple times. He’s a great man, done a great job with this program. Filling his shoes is not something that I worry about on a daily basis. All I worry about is building relationships with these kids and community members and trying to get the most out of these kids.”

From the athletes to the coaches, Fagan said he is excited about the group of people he gets to work with.

“These kids are hardworking kids,” Fagan said. “It’s been refreshing to get here this summer and see the numbers have been anywhere from 55-65 boy athletes and anywhere from 20-30 girl athletes and there’s been another 40 middle school athletes. One of my biggest fears and concerns coming here was that there would be a mass exodus with the staff, but one of the things I’m most proud of in my first three months here is that we’ve been able to keep the core of the staff together.”

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