Whitesboro ISD is getting its field done just in time for its first game of the season against Aubrey on Friday, Sept. 6.

Until then, the Bearcats will start the season on the road.

Head coach Cody Fagan had a welcome to Whitesboro gift of sorts in May as voters had just approved the football field and stadium upgrades when he arrived.

Fagan said he was very honored to come to Whitesboro and see the investment into the sports program.

“I’ve had a little bit of input along the way but it’s mostly been our admin team over at the admin building that has taken care of most of that just because it was already decided before I ever really got here,” Fagan said. “It almost feels like a dream in a lot of ways. I get a great job at a school. It’s about the perfect size for my family and community. It’s a perfect location. It’s one of those deals where you think I’m just very blessed to be here and be in a place that’s got a lot of things going forward and hope that we can just be a small piece of it.”

The Bearcats will have a new turf field, scoreboard and press box with plans to renovate the locker rooms, bathrooms and other facilities.

Symmetry was responsible for the installation and Fagan said it has been a seamless process working with the company.

Despite having the first two scrimmages and first game on the road, Fagan said he is overjoyed it has all come together in time for their first home game.

“There were those times during the summer where you’re waiting on them to get things started and they’re doing the behind-the-scenes work and you’re thinking, we’ve got to be road warriors and have to play a bunch of road games,” Fagan said of the potential there was for having to move some of their home games.

“I try to live my life in this way of control what I can control, I’ve got no control. I’m just gonna roll with it. If they tell me we’ve got to move games, we’re going to go play them wherever. But luckily, it didn’t play out that way. And we’re going to end up getting to do everything we had planned. And the seniors will get to open this place up and be brand new and get after it.”

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