12U Thackerville Wildcats

The Thackerville Wildcats celebrate their championship win at Cedar Hill, Texas. From left, standing, are Coach Bill Foreman, Bryar Renfro, Fisher Payne, Brian Sanchez, Coach Colt Hazel, Clayton Winters, Coach Chad Mansfield, Kaden Insall and Cooper Hicks; in front are, from left, Devyn Anderson, Braxton Beavers, Tripp Hazel, Junior Campbell, Luke Foreman and Marshall Mansfield.

The 12U Thackerville Wildcats, part of the Boys Baseball of Cooke County league, recently took home first-place awards during summer competitions in Cedar Hill, Texas, and played in the National World Series tournament in Liberty, Missouri.

After they won the championship for the league after battling the Giants and were able to advance to state, the team was allowed to take three boys from another team. Kaden Insall, Tripp Hazel, and Clayton Winters, all originally from the Giants, joined the team.

The Wildcats qualified for the World Series games in Cedar Hill from playing in the state tournament During the individual skill competitions, Kaden Insall won first place in base running, Cooper Hicks won first place in Bat Exit, Braxton Beavers won first place in Arm Velocity and Luke Foreman won second place.  

During the tournament, Kaden and Brian took home a few home runs each. The Wildcats won the championship game 8-5 against the Desoto Rangers, becoming the first in state of Texas and bringing home gold rings.

The Wildcats were then invited to play in the National World Series tournament in Liberty, Missouri, where they played against the Oklahoma Outlaws. They were down 7-9 to begin the last half-inning.

Marshall was up and got out. Kaden was next, got a base hit and ended up making it home, taking the score to 9-8. Braxton was next and they got him out. Then Tripp was up, getting on base from an error the Outlaws made. Luke was next and got to a 3-2 count.

At the last pitch of the game, Luke hit an inside home run and Wildcats ended up winning 10-9, beating the fifth place team.

In the next game, the Wildcats fell behind the Spartans, 6-1, to wind up with fourth place. 

The parents expressed their gratitude to the team’s sponsors, which included Texas Farm Bureau Insurance, Trident, Hazel Chiropractic, Gainesville Glass, Pearman Insurance, Gene’s Photos, River of Love, Thackerville store, and Thackerville Family Clinic.

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