Not every spot in our yards can be covered in turfgrass. You may have deep shade, or lots of tree roots, or a hot and dry spot or a very steep slope. You may have a spot that you can’t get to with irrigation or isn’t safe to drag a hose to it for water. In such cases as these, groundcovers can be very useful.

The 35th annual Parker County Peach Festival kicks off in one week and the biggest provider of those peaches residents see overflowing crates each year is Hutton Peach Farm in Weatherford.

The final show of the Raven Repertory Company’s summer showcase is set for this afternoon at Sam Houston State. 

How do you live in the shadow of a giant? How do you move on after the greatest possible triumph? How do you top the top? These are the questions “Spider-Man: Far From Home” has to answer both thematically and literally.

Not unlike other counties in the U.S., a “poor farm” was once implemented in Parker County to house indigent residents before the enactment of Social Security in 1935 and the land to this day still sits off Tin Top Road as a part of history. 

Richard Curtis is one of cinema’s great high-concept writing talents, not because of how intricate and ironclad the stories he tells are, but because he manages to make it all look so effortless. This is the writer who gave us the intertwining romances of “Love Actually” and, more impressively, the epic love story of “About Time.” He crafts clever hooks out of thin air and then, while we’re not looking, embeds them deep in our hearts.

It’s that time again. You are making plans for a summer vacation or July 4th extended holiday. You have the mail covered. The dog or cat is either being boarded or going with you. The thermostat is set for vacation time. You have a hold put on your newspaper being delivered or mailed. The oven is off and so is the ironing board. Oh, wait a minute! What do we do about our plants? 

Combining love for animals with a desire to serve the community, students from the Walker County Junior Master Gardener Summer Boat Camp found a creative way to help animals awaiting adoption. 

“Toy Story 4” was not supposed to happen. At least, that’s what I remember most about the responses to the news that Pixar would be returning to the world of its very first feature film once again. I remember feeling like it was excessive. I remember friends calling it a cash grab. Mostly, I remember everyone thinking there couldn’t possibly be a good reason to return to the story after the wonderful, seemingly definitive conclusion of the saga in “Toy Story 3,” a near-perfect film that still ranks among the best Pixar offerings. 

“From now on, I know where my family is going to be comfortable dining in Huntsville.” 

It’s official. It’s summer. We look out the windows of our air-conditioned homes, and hope that our lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, etc. can take the heat that the next two months will be doling out. We wonder what we should put in our yards that will survive the heat with limited amounts of water.

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Funeral services for Beulah Copeland, long-time Gainesville resident, most recently of Greenville, are pending with Geo. J. Carroll & Son Funeral Home. Mrs. Copeland passed away July 12, 2019 in Greenville. An online register is available at

A graveside service for Jan L. Hacker, 59, of Valley View, is scheduled for 10:00 AM on Thursday, July 18, 2019 at Valley View Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 7:00 to 8:00 PM on Wednesday, July 17 at Geo. J. Carroll & Son Funeral Home. Mrs. Hacker passed away July 5, 2019 …