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Please Note: This story has been corrected since it was originally posted. Patrick Lynch and Raymond Scott did not retire while working at St. Williams Catholic Church in Greenville. We regret the error.

A priest who formerly served at Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church in Rockwall and two who used to serve at St. William in Greenville appear on the list of “priests with credible allegations of sexual abuse of minors” issued by the Diocese of Dallas Thursday.

The priest on the list who served at Our Lady of the Lake at some point in the middle of his career is Richard Brown, who was removed from the clergy in 2002.

One of the two priests on the list who formerly worked in Greenville, Patrick Lynch, retired in 1995 and died in 2014. The second former Greenville priest on the list, Raymond (John) Scott, retired in 2000 and died in 2012.

The list of 31 names from the Diocese of Dallas is one of 14 such lists posted by dioceses in Texas Thursday. Across the state, nearly 300 clergy appear on the lists as having been “credibly accused of sexual abuse of children since 1950.”

In a letter posted to the Dallas Diocese’ website on Thursday, Bishop Edward Burns stated that the list is “following through on a commitment I made in October” to state which priests in the diocese had been credibly accused. 

“As we look back at the Church’s history, our failure to protect our most vulnerable from abuse, and hold accountable those who preyed on them, fills me with both sorrow and shame,” Burns said in the letter. “But the painful yet necessary process that began in 2002 in this Diocese has also led to much-needed reforms that we continue to rigorously implement today.  Going forward, we must remain vigilant.”

The full letter and list can be viewed online at www.cathdal.org/response.